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Red Letter Edition

ISBN 978-1-61012-0142 – Atilla Shrugged, Red Letter Edition adds 33 beautiful full color prints of the character sketches found here, in their original 6" by 9" inch format, along with the full original text of the work. This 240 page, 8½" x 11" volume is printed on high quality 70 lb stock. Best of all, this special edition features the words of Ayn in red.

“Edward found an agreeable variety in the conversation of Miss Bradwardine, who listened with eagerness to his remarks upon literature and showed great justness of taste in her answers. With all the simplicity and curiosity of a recluse, she attached herself to the opportunity of increasing her store of literature which Edward's visit afforded her. He sent for some of his books from his quarters, and they opened to her sources of delight of which she had hitherto had no idea.”

—Sir Walter Scott's Waverley    

“Nothing puts her in the mood like a reading from the Red Letter Edition.”

ISBN 978-1-61012-0142

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