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Character Sketches

The graphics employed in our character sketches are adapted from various 19th original sources, principally but not exclusively from the Revised American Edition "Character Sketches From Romance Fiction and Drama" published by Selmar Hess in 1892.

We have worked from our own high-resolution scans of original plates, with extensive digital enhancement and the resulting work as it appears on are copyright ©Chiringa Press; reproduction in any form is prohibited without express written permission.

We have tried to bring a measure of humor to Ayn Rand's doughy prose and deathless pompous sermonizing, but still we hope that our reader leaves with a deepened appreciation of Ayn's particular talent for producing an encyclopedic portraiture of dramatis personae. While her principle characters often come off as two-dimensional cut-outs, it is also the case that her minor characters are authentic, often hilariously so.


Satan Wounded 


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