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The Author

Sally Brent (The Fountainhead) served many years as senior staff writer at Gail Wynand's Banner, heading up the immensely popular Society Column, until she was unfairly sacked for running an engaging and sympathetic feature on Gail's bride, Dominique, (née Francon).

Meet I an infant of the duke of York

Into as many gobbets will I cut it

As wild Medea young Absyrtus did.

Shakespeare, 2 Henry VI act v. sc. 2 (1591)  

“What can a man do when we girls get together?”

—Sally Brent    

Discussing her inspiration for this present work, she offered:

“Too little attention has been paid to the feminine angle of this case.”

—The Fountainhead    

Although his modesty prevents us for more fully exhibiting our gratitude, this work would never have been possible without the participation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

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