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Johann Hoff's Malt Extract (The Brothers Karamazov) represents the most valuable combination of Tonic and Restorative elements known to Medicine. It is easily assimilated and well borne by the most delicate stomach. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste and will not harm the teeth.

“I have used in my practice many hundreds of bottles of Johann Hoff's Malt Extract, and continue to prescribe it, and find, as a tonic and appetizer, there is nothing it's equal.”

—James E. Gray, M.D.

Rochester, N.Y.

“For the past twelve years I have used Johann Hoff's Malt Extract, both in my own family and in my practice. I believe it to be the most palatable and reliable product of the kind on the market.”

—W. G. Gogart, M.D.

Chattanooga, Tenn.

“I have used Johann Hoff's Malt Extract for thirteen years with entire satisfaction. It is the most satisfactory where blood building is required in Convalescence. At present I am using large quantities in toning up my many Grippe patients. Nothing better. I find Johann Hoff's Malt Extract with Iron the very best thing in Anaemia, Chlorosis, Amenorrhea and Leneothemia.”

—A. H. Bickers, M.D.

Philadelphia, Pa

“Johann Hoff's Malt Extract with Iron is by far the best of similar preparations so far as my experience goes”

Walter F Atlee, M.D.—

Philadelphia, Pa

“My personal experience with Johann Hoff's Malt Extract with Iron has been that it is a true builder, not simply a stimulant, but a red blood corpuscle builder. It is especially indicated with old ladies and those who can use no other form of Iron.”

—E. F. Grimes, M.D.

Decatur, Ill

“I am still using Johann Hoff's Malt Extract with Iron and consider it the best form of tonic for most of my cases needing Iron.”

—John Chase, M.D.

Denver, Col.

“I am a constant presciber of Johann Hoff's Malt Extract with Iron and have come to regard it as the most excellent and sure remedy in Aneamia, Chlorosis and kindred troubles.”

—R. G. O'Hara, M.D.

Bedford City, Va.

Johann Hoff's Malt Extract contains the largest possible amount of Diastase in solution. It contains only from 2 to 3 percent alcohol. It is free from Salicylic Acid and other dangerous preservatives used in may so-called liquid Malt Extracts. Johann Hoff's Malt Extract fulfills all the requirements of a perfect Malt Extract.

“…how can you possibly have too much of it?”

–Nathanial Brandon


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