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Theatrical Edition

ISBN 978-1-61012-0340 – The Theatrical Edition of Atilla Shrugged, includes stage notes and is printed 8½" x 11" on 50 lb white paper with wide outside margins for director's and players' notes. For ease of use in production, this editon is available spiral binding.  The musical scores are included in the bound edition, and are available separately as a set of 8½" x 11" laminate copies.

“As mad as the vexed sea; singing aloud”


King Lear and the Fool (King Lear) a mythical king of Britain, son of Bladud. He had three daughters, and, when fourscore years old, wishing to retire from the active duties of sovereignty, resolved to divide his kingdom between them in proportion to their love. The two elder said they loved him more than tongue could express, but Cordelia, the youngest, said she loved him as it became a daughter to love her father. The old king, displeased with her answer, disinherited Cordelia, and divided his kingdom between the other two, with the condition that each alternately, month by month, should give him a home, with a suite of a hundred knights. He spent the first month with his eldest daughter, who showed him scant hospitality. When he went to the second, she refused to entertain so large a suite; whereupon the old man would not enter her house, but spent the night abroad in a storm. When Cordelia, who had married the King of France, heard of this, she brought an army over to dethrone her sisters, but was taken captive an died in prison. In the mean time the elder sister, Goneril, first poisoned her younger sister from jealousy, and afterward put an end to her own life. Lear also dies. King Lear, turned out of doors by his two daughters, accompanied only by his fool, goes mad and wanders about the heath.

As mad as the vexed sea; singing aloud;

Crowned with rank fumiter and furrow weeds,

With harlocks, hemlock, nettles, cuckoo flowers,

Darnel, and all the idle weeds that grow

In our sustaining corn.

King Lear

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ISBN 978-1-61012-0340

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