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First Eddie

"May God bless him wherever he is …"

Time: Late at night…

Place: In the Taggart Rail Terminal underground cafeteria.

Cast: Eddie Willers

Eddie is in a conversation with an unseen stranger, we cannot hear the responses…

Eddie Willers: “…That’s what people are whispering…”

pauses to listen…

Eddie Willers, answering: “…The newspapers haven’t printed a word about it.”


Eddie Willers , sarcastically: “The boys in Washington say that it’s only a rumor spread by panic-mongers.”

listens briefly…

Eddie Willers, uncertainly: “I don’t know whether the story is true.” (more definitely) “I think it is.” (with conviction) “I hope it is…”

Eddie Willers, continues reflectively: “You know, when I was fifteen years old, I used to wonder how any man could come to be a criminal, I couldn’t understand what would make it possible. Now — I’m glad that Ragnar Danneskjöld blew up those towers. May God bless him and never let them find him, whatever and where ever he is.”

“They say it was done by long-range naval guns, from somewhere way out on the Atlantic.”

—Atlas Shrugged

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