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The Parable of the Onion

Act I of Atilla Shrugged: "The Parable of the Onion" is adapted from Part IV Book XI Chapter 9 of Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov.

The scene opens in the apartment of Ivan Karamazov just after he returns exhausted from a visit to his brother, Demitri, who is in prison waiting trial for the murder of their profligate father, Fyodor. Ivan arrives home and falls asleep; when he awakes, there is a guest waiting for him, none other than the Destroyer himself, who tries to endear himself to Ivan, saying “I am Satan, and deem nothing human alien to me…” 

In our present version, Eddie Willers channels Ivan Karamazov, patterned on Ayn placing Eddie in a series of private conversations with her Destroyer, John Galt.  In Atlas Shrugged, we don't hear the Destroyer's side of the conversation so they are effectively monologues, some of which are adapted here as The Epistles.  John Galt endears himself to the disaffected, promising “I will stop the motor of the world“.

“You’ll kill me? No, excuse me, I will speak.”

–The Destroyer

Prince Mishkin appeals the parable of the onion.

–Atilla Shrugged

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