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Balph Eubank

Balph Eubank, (Atlas Shrugged) a vapid intellectual author of books no one reads; his latest novel about Frustration is called The Heart is a Milkman, dedicated to Lilian Readon. He is editor of a periodical called The Future, which recently ran an hatchet job on Hank Rearden entitled "The Octopus". He is the literary leader of the age.

“But, Mr. Eubank,” asked the young girl in the white dress, blushing desperately, “if everything is frustration, what is there to live for?”

“Brother-love,” said Balph Eubank grimly.”

—Balph Eubank Atlas Shrugged 

“If people were forbidden to buy a million copies of the same piece of trash, they would be forced to buy better books.”

—Balph Eubank

Unskilled to argue, in dispute yet loud

Bold without caution, without honors proud

In art unschooled, each veteran rule he prized,

And all improvement haughtily despised

—Falconer The Shipwreck (1756)

“Property rights are a superstition. One holds property only by the courtesy of those who do not seize it. The people can seize it at any moment. If they can, why shouldn’t they?”

—Balph Eubank Atlas Shrugged 

Scarce the ascent

Began when lo! a panther, nimble, light

And covered with a speckled skin, appeard,

…and strove to check my onward going.

—Dante Hell (1300)

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