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Cherryl Taggart

Cherryl Taggart, (Atlas Shrugged), the simple shop girl with a big heart who Jim Taggart chooses for his wife. She confuses the business with the man, assuming him to be worthy of the great enterprise he nominally oversees.

She tries to make friends with her new sister-in-law, Dagny, but is mostly rebuffed. Eventually, she figures out that it is Dangy, not Jim, who is the brains behind the operation.  Dagny lets Cherryl in on what it's all about, telling her to think for herself and never give up. As she considers this, she begins to realize what a loathsome creature she married, becomes overwhelmed by the ugliness of it all, and takes her own life.

Suicide note in hand, Cherryl contemplates what might have been.

“It wasn’t my fault! … I’m not to blame for it! I’m not to blame!”

–Jim Taggart   

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