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Chick Morrison

Chick Morrison (Atlas Shrugged) the government's “Moral Conditioner”.  He is master of ceremonies at the looters banquet in honor of John Galt.  When we look into the question of who's to blame for the catastrophe of the Taggart Tunnel, certainly Chick makes the list.

Dangy had always left a Diesel in reserve near the tunnel at Winston, Colorado. Even as Diesels became scarce after Dwight Sanders skipped town, she left the backup at Winston, to insure that the Comet would always make it safely through the eight mile tunnel. Chick Morrison had his own priorities, and commandeered the Winston Diesel.

Chick Morrison demanded a Diesel engine for his train.

“Mr. Chick Morrison of Washington, whoever the hell he is, has gone on a speaking tour of the whole country—to speak about the directive and build up the people’s morale, as things are getting to be pretty wild everywhere. He demanded a special train, for himself and party—a sleeper, a parlor car and a diner with barroom and lounge. The Unification Board gave him permission to travel at a hundred miles an hour—by reason, the ruling said, of this being a non-profit journey. ”

—Eddie Willers

When things go wrong I seem to be bad

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

—The Animals

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