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Dr. Simon Pritchett

Dr. Simon Pritchett, (Atlas Shrugged), head of the Department of Philosophy at Patrick Henry University, where he tramples on the legacy of his predecessor, the great Hugh Akston. Where Dr. Akson really got Aristotle, Pritchett runs his practice like a business, tailoring philosophy to provide the looters with a measure of manufactured authenticity.

“Dr. Pritchett has nothing to deposit to the account of philosophy, except his declared intention to destroy it.”

—John Galt

“Reason…is the most naive of all superstitions.”

—Dr. Simon Pritchett

“He seeks to cash in—by means of denying it—on the power of reason among men. He seeks to stamp the mint-mark of reason upon the plans of his looting masters. He seeks to use the prestige of philosophy to purchase the enslavement of thought.”

—John Galt

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