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Dwight Sanders

Dwight Sanders, (Atlas Shrugged) Aircraft manufacturer who takes over United Locomotive just as Taggart Transcontinental, starved of working diesels, begins to pull old coal burners back into service.  With Eddie Willers as acting Vice President of Operations, TT places a big order with Unitied Locomotive. Eddie unwittingly tips off John Galt to the importance of the order, and this gives Galt a chance to talk some sense in Sanders, who then retires before Taggart Transcontinental sees a single new engine.

“Still, there’s hope. The United Locomotive Works went bankrupt. That’s the best break we’ve had in the last few weeks, because their plant has been bought by Dwight Sanders. ”

—Eddie Willers, to John Galt

“The radio voice had said that Dwight Sanders had retired from business, suddenly, without reason or explanation.”

—Atlas Shrugged  

“She had hurried to New York, hoping to find him and stop him. But she had felt, while flying across the continent, that there would be no trace of him to find.”

—Atlas Shrugged  

“He had to sell the aircraft plant to his brother, in order to take over United Locomotive. That’s on account of the Equalization of Opportunity Bill.”

—Eddie Willers

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