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Eddie Willers

Atlas Shrugged, Part I the movie casts Eddie Willers along the lines of a yuppie house-negro, wholesomely good, self-sacrificing and fatally loyal to his boss-lady, Dagny Taggart, yet falling short on that essential virtue which might get him an offer of refuge at Galt’s Gulch, its membership plan being invitation only.

Act I – “Parable of the Onion”

Eddie Willers (Atlas Shrugged) is a central figure of Atilla Shrugged, interpreting several roles from Dostoyevsky: the mercurial Ivan Karamazov in Act I, Raskolnikov’s guileless friend Razumihin in Act II, and the smart, sensitive Kolya in Act III. He also plays his own doggedly loyal self in the John Galt monologues, which open each act.

Eddie gave his all for Dagny and Taggart Transcontinental while at the same time, he was an indispensable source of information for John Galt's schemes to subvert the railroad. His destiny was to ride the rails to his doom.

“He, like Achates, faithful to the tomb.”

—Byron, Don Juan  

Eddie Willer's final resting place

“He stepped to the front of the engine and looked up at the letters TT. Then he collapsed across the rail and lay sobbing at the foot of the engine, with the beam of a motionless headlight above him going off into a limitless night.”

—RIP Eddie Willers  

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