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Ellis Wyatt

Ellis Wyatt, (Atlas Shrugged) the original fracker, invents a technology for extracting oil from spent fields. He's the principle client for Dagny's John Galt line, and host to Hank and Dagny's hookup after the first run on the line.

Wesley Mouch's Bureau of Economic Planning issues a retaliatory directive designed to cripple Ellis Wyatt and the John Galt line with absurd regulations and a special tax on Colorado. Ellis Wyatt sets his oil field ablaze, Saddam Hussain style, and disappears, joining the strikers at Galt's Gulch

“It’s not illegal, because the Legislature passed a law last month giving him the power to issue directives.”

—overheard conversation —Atlas Shrugged  

“I quit because I didn’t wish to serve as the cannibals’ meal and to do the cooking, besides.”

—Ellis Wyatt

“Ellis Wyatt is a greedy bastard who’s after nothing but money

—James Taggart.

“He thought of the oil wells spouting a black stream that ran over a continent almost faster than the trains of the Phoenix-Durango could carry it. That oil field had been only a rocky patch in the mountains of Colorado, given up as exhausted long ago.”

—Eddie Willers

“Ellis Wyatt, stripped of the right of self-defense, left without voice, without weapons, and worse: made to be the tool of his own destruction, the supporter of his own destroyers, the provider of their food and of their weapons—Ellis Wyatt being choked, with his own bright energy turned against him as the noose—Ellis Wyatt, who had wanted to tap an unlimited source of shale oil and who spoke of a second Renaissance. . . .”

—Dagny Taggart 

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