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The Fishwife

The Fishwife, (Atlas Shrugged) Ayn Rand makes a cameo appearance among the refugees at Galt's Gulch as the fishwife, living off the land, selling her catch to Hammond's grocery.

“She’s a writer. The kind of writer who wouldn’t be published outside. She believes that when one deals with words, one deals with the mind.”

—John Galt

Ayn Rand in cameo appearance at Galt's Gulch

“…our best fishwife”

—John Galt

“Dagny jerked her head to look back and saw the glance with which the young woman stood looking after Galt. And even though hopelessness, serenely accepted, was part of the worship in that glance, she experienced a feeling she had never known before: a stab of jealousy.”

—Atlas Shrugged   

Some girls are bright as the morning

and some girls are blessed with a dark turn of mind.

—Gillian Welch

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