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Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen, (Atlas Shrugged) the tramp who takes refuge in Dagny's private coach, gets some of the best lines in the whole book. Dagny recognizes a spark of dignity behind his bitter and indifferent eyes, and invites him to dinner.

This turned out to be quite a stroke of luck for Dagny, because the old tramp knows the whole backstory of what happened back at Twentieth Century Motors and proceeds to tell one anecdote after another about the collectivist nightmare of Gerald and Ivy Starnes, including the account of little Millie Bush getting her teeth bashed in. Best of all, he tells the story of the one employee who rebelled against the socialist tyranny, promising to stop the motor of the world: John Galt.

“There aren't any jobs back East, and a man couldn't give you a job, if he had one to give—he'd go to jail for it. He's watched. You can't get work except through the Unification Board.”

–Atlas Shrugged   

“Looking away, she remembered suddenly Jeff Allen, the tramp aboard the Comet, in the moment when she had admired him for attempting to tell her that he knew where he was going, to spare her the burden of his aimlessness.”

–Atlas Shrugged   

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