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Dagny and John Galt

Dagny Taggart and John Galt (Atlas Shrugged), John Galt is captured and spirited away to New Hampshire to be tortured by Floyd Ferris and Wesley Mouch. John holds up well to the torments, even taking time out to help repair the contraption used to torture him, but Dagny comes to the rescue in Hank's private plane.  Dagny doesn't flinch from killing a guard who doesn't know his own mind.

“Calmly and impersonally, [Dagny], who would have hesitated to fire at an animal, pulled the trigger and fired straight at the heart of a man who had wanted to exist without the responsibility of consciousness. … ”

—Atlas Shrugged    

Dagny saves John Galt

“Looking down, they could see the last convulsions: the lights of the cars were darting through the streets, like animals trapped in a maze”

—Atlas Shrugged    

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