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Who is John Galt?

John Galt (Atlas Shrugged) is a man of incalculable intellectual power, but in a world which proclaims the non-existence of the mind, prefers to live as an unskilled laborer. This leaves him with considerable free time, which he mostly spends organizing a strike against those who would mooch on his ideas.  It turns out that he is capable of considerable mischief.

“You know, Miss Taggart, when it comes to the John Galt Line—maybe it’s I who’ve followed it and you who’re betraying it”

—John Galt Atlas Shrugged

If a child disappeared, or any cattle were carried off, the frightened peasants said 'The Lord of Fear Fortress has taken them.' If a fire broke out anywhere, it was the Lord of Fear Fortress who must have lit it. The origin of all accidents, mishaps, and disasters, was traced to the mysterious owner of this invisible castle.

—Ernest Louis Victor Jules L'Epine The Legend of Croquemitaine

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