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Kay Ludlow

Kay Ludlow (Atlas Shrugged), Ragnar Danneskjöld's wife, an actress who gets hard-boiled businessmen to actually like the theater; she makes regular patrons of Ellis Wyatt, Judge Narragansett and Ken Danagger, men previously known to despise all forms of art.

Her husband is the world's most wanted terrorist, which cut into her brand, but she had wanted to join the strikers in exile anyway, to practice her art without having to endure the plebian pretensions of the multitude.

“Not since childhood, thought Dagny, had she felt that sense of exhilaration after witnessing the performance of a play”

—Atlas Shrugged

“Whatever quality of human greatness I have the talent to portray—that was the quality the outer world sought to degrade. They let me play nothing but symbols of depravity, nothing but harlots, dissipation-chasers and home-wreckers, always to be beaten at the end by the little girl next door, personifying the virtue of mediocrity. They used my talent—for the defamation of itself. That was why I quit.”

–Kay Ludlow

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