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Kip Chalmers and Lester Tuck

Kip Chalmers (Atlas Shrugged) is a politician accustomed bending the world to his will. He causes the destruction of the Taggart Tunnel and death by suffocation of all the passengers aboard the Comet Transcontinental, himself included, when he orders the failed diesel to be switched out with a coal fired locomotive, which any fool knows can't be run into an eight mile tunnel.

“Orders be damned! I give the orders these days! Tell him to start at once!”

Kip Chalmers

“See?” said Kip Chalmers triumphantly to Lester Tuck, as the wheels under their feet shuddered forward. “Fear is the only practical means to deal with people.”

—Kip Chalmers

Dagny had always kept a Diesel in reserve up a Winston Colorado, at the mouth of the tunnel, to assure such a catastrophe might never occur, but it had been commandeered by Chick Morrision, for his morale building speaking tour of the country.

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