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Midas Mulligan

Midas Mulligan (Atlas Shrugged) “had once been the richest and, consequently, the most denounced man in the country. He had never taken a loss on any investment he made; everything he touched turned into gold.”

“Midas Mulligan was a vicious bastard with a dollar sign stamped on his heart…”

—Lee Hunsacker

“It was rumored that one had to observe a certain unwritten rule when dealing with Midas Mulligan: if an applicant for a loan ever mentioned his personal need or any personal feeling whatever, the interview ended and he was never given another chance to speak to Mr. Mulligan.”

Atlas Shrugged  

No penny for the loan of it,

For one year shall you pay–

You may do me a good turn

Before my dying day;

But we will have a merry jest,

For to be talked long;

“You shall make me a bond”, quoth he,

“That shall be large or strong.”

–Shakespeare Merchant of Venice  

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