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Tinky Holloway

Tinky Holloway (Atlas Shrugged), a dangerous yet seldom seen government official. Nobody crosses Tinky.

“There have been so many misunderstandings in the past few weeks!” said Tinky Holloway. “Such unfortunate misunderstandings—and so unnecessary! We could straighten everything out in a jiffy, Mr. Rearden, if we had a chance to have a little talk with you. We’re extremely anxious to see you.”

Atlas Shrugged

“These are precarious times, Mr. Rearden, the public mood is so uncertain and inflammatory, so . . . dangerous . . . and we want to be able to protect you.”

—Tinky Holloway

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about Chick Morrison,” said the pallid man with the mustache. “He hasn’t any top-level connections. Not really. It’s Tinky Holloway that’s poison.”

–Atlas Shrugged    

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