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The Wet Nurse

The Wet Nurse, (Atlas Shrugged) Deputy Director of Distribution, assigned to Reardon Mills to enforce The Fair Share Law. He starts out as a one of the looters, but gradually warms up to Hank Reardon and eventually switches sides, standing up to Washington goons who try to start a riot among Reardon's workers, in order to create a pretext for implementing the Steel Unification Bill.  He gets shot but recovers, and discovers his humanity in the process.  His real name is Tony.

“I’d like to live, Mr. Rearden. God, how I’d like to!” His voice was passionately quiet. “Not because I’m dying . . . but because I’ve just discovered it tonight, what it means, really to be alive . .”

The Wet Nurse  

“The young boy from Washington—whom the steel workers had nicknamed the Wet Nurse—hung around Rearden with a primitive, astonished curiosity which, incredibly, was a form of admiration. Rearden watched him with disgusted amusement. The boy had no inkling of any concept of morality; it had been bred out of him by his college; this had left him an odd frankness, naïve and cynical at once, like the innocence of a savage.”

Atlas Shrugged  

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